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About Us

Divine Resell the #1 Resell Group on Discord. With a strong team of Professional staff here to supply you with all the info & Guidance to Enhance your Resell experience. Intel on Retail & Online Arbitrage, Low Key Flips, Amazon FBA/FBM, Brickseek, NFT’s, Crypto, Stocks, Collectibles, Art, Toys, Trading Cards, Sneakers, Tickets/Events, Price Errors, Deals/Freebies, 24/7 Support + More.


Exclusive Info

Divine Provides Unique Exclusive info that can't be found elsewhere while also making sure you have the common flips known in the community. Timing is key in this game & we strive to get you the info 1st giving you a one up on the competition.

Active & Dedicated Community

Divine strives to keep a healthy and helpful community, with zero tolerance for negativity. You will feel at home and confident asking any questions in our server.

Detailed Guides

...including Resell Prediction, Release Times, Early links as well as a Daily & Weekly schedule to ensure you never miss a drop!

Restock Monitors

With over 50+ High End Restocks monitors included but not limited to Target, Walmart, Amazon, Bestbuy, Funko, Supreme, Fanatics, Panini, Disney, etc., to assist you on all the HIGH DEMAND products currently flipping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I contact you?

Email us divineresell1@gmail.com or contact us on Instagram @divineresell

How do I join?

Join us by filling out the application below, we will respond accordingly.

Is success guaranteed?

Nothing is guaranteed, how ever we provide the info & tools to enhance your ecommerce experience

How can I cancel my membership?

You are free to cancel at any time, contact staff or follow the directions in both your email and DM from launchpass.

Why choose Divine and what makes Divine unique?

Divine is simply the best place to be for resellers and our hard work shows we care about our members. Keeping up with the trends adding new features to make sure your up to date with everything resell.

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